Front CoverI am a philosopher by training, with a PhD from New York University, where I studied under Thomas Nagel and Sharon Street. My dissertation in metaethics–published in 2016 as The Feeling of Value–won NYU’s Dean’s Outstanding Dissertation Award. I taught for two years as Florence Levy Kay Fellow in Ethics at Brandeis University before leaving academia to pursue my interests in creative writing and cottage farming.

Since leaving academe, I have become extremely interested in the scientific literature on parapsychology and have just published a paper on the epistemic import of psychic-seeming coincidences.

Philosophical Publications

Coincidence or Psi? The Epistemic Import of Spontaneous Cases of Purported Psi Identified Post-Verification,” Journal of Scientific Exploration 33, no. 1 (2019): 9-42.

The Feeling of Value (King George, VA: Dudley & White, 2016).

“What do our intuitions about the experience machine really tell us about hedonism?” Philosophical Studies 151, no. 3 (2010): 331-49.


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