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Phone calls from the Beyond?

The Journal of Scientific Exploration has just published my essay review of a recent book on a highly intriguing phenomenon: phone calls that seem to be coming from dead loved ones. This phenomenon--which might seem laughable at first--is surprisingly prevalent. And there's a lot more to it than you might expect. It's not just cases… Continue reading Phone calls from the Beyond?

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My interview on Chasing Reality

My video interview with molecular biologist Ryan Bissett of the new consciousness-focused podcast Chasing Reality is now available on YouTube! We cover so much ground: the place of consciousness in our world, laboratory research on psychokinesis, our personal spiritual journeys, and of course the source and significance of coincidences! Ryan is a wonderful host, and… Continue reading My interview on Chasing Reality

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Mind Over Matter

Today on¬†, I discuss strange coincidences where the world seems to respond uncannily to our thoughts and emotions. The most dramatic thought-mirroring synchronicity I describe is one from my own life: the smartphone GPS incident that was the tipping point in my interest in this subject. Along with a couple of other anecdotal examples, I… Continue reading Mind Over Matter