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Live radio interview July 3, 2019: B-NOW

On Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at 10am EDT (9am CDT), I'll be live on B-NOW radio with Jeanie Brosius King, talking about The Source and Significance of Coincidences. The call-in number, if you'd like to ask questions during the show, is (323) 642-1137. And you can always listen after the fact by following the same… Continue reading Live radio interview July 3, 2019: B-NOW

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Signs of Reincarnation

This weekend saw the release of Dr. James G. Matlock's new book Signs of Reincarnation, which will no doubt become the book of reference for those wanting a thorough, scholarly introduction to the current state of reincarnation research. Reincarnation research, you may ask? Yes, there is such a thing, and there has been for many… Continue reading Signs of Reincarnation

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Children Who Remember Heaven

A few years ago, philosopher Stephen E. Braude wrote an excellent book analyzing the evidence for life after death. His book, Immortal Remains, stands out from most other works in this field by virtue of its rigorous attention to detail and its careful consideration of alternative hypotheses for the evidence: notably, the super-psi hypothesis, which attributes apparent contact with the deceased… Continue reading Children Who Remember Heaven

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The Angel in My Pocket

When I picked up Sukey Forbes' new memoir, The Angel in My Pocket, my first thought was, "Oh, another memoir about grief." It's not that I don't appreciate grief-focused memoirs. In fact, they've been a lifeline for me in the four years since losing my ex-fiancé. Even though my own loss was due to separation, not death, I've found comfort and… Continue reading The Angel in My Pocket