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Jumping Over Shadows

I'll admit there was probably no way I wasn't going to love Annette Gendler's 2017 memoir Jumping Over Shadows. I'm a sucker for cross-cultural romances, and for international dramas liberally sprinkled with phrases in foreign languages--especially when those languages are French, German, and Hebrew. And I can't remember ever reading a novel or memoir of Jewish… Continue reading Jumping Over Shadows

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The boy who wanted to be a Jew

Julius Lester writes in his book Lovesong: Becoming a Jew that as a young black boy growing up in the American South his favorite piece to play on the piano was Kol Nidre, the song that opens the observance of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. "When I stop playing," he writes, "there is a painful yearning in my stomach,… Continue reading The boy who wanted to be a Jew

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Swedish Lessons

My favorite part of reading blogs is discovering extremely gifted writers whose self-published books I might never otherwise have heard of. My most recent ecstatic find is Natalie Burg, author of the hilarious, page-turning memoir Swedish Lessons. An ambitious but slightly directionless 23-year-old fresh out of a soul-crushing romantic relationship, Burg is offered a position as… Continue reading Swedish Lessons