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Seeing the Same Word Over and Over?

Do certain words seem to follow you no matter where you look? Psychologist William Braud actually conducted experiments to figure out whether the word coincidences he was experiencing were actually due to more than chance or selective attention. I describe his method--and his results--in today's Psychology Today post.

coincidences, statistics

Are Your Number Coincidences Significant?

Do you feel like you keep seeing the same number over and over in lots of different contexts? Do you wonder whether it's really showing up more often than it used to, or whether maybe you're just paying more attention to it? In today's Psychology Today post, I describe a simple experiment you can do… Continue reading Are Your Number Coincidences Significant?

coincidences, statistics

How Skeptics Misapply the Law of Truly Large Numbers

The fact that there are 7 billion people in this world means that some pretty mind-boggling coincidences are likely to happen to a lot of people just by chance. But does that mean that chance is necessarily the best explanation for ALL the coincidences and synchronicities we experience? It doesn't. I explain why in a… Continue reading How Skeptics Misapply the Law of Truly Large Numbers