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A doctor who washes the windows of the soul

Have you ever wished your doctor or therapist could just read your mind? So you wouldn't have to go to all the trouble of trying to explain your symptoms, your medical history, your emotionally traumatic past, or your uncomfortable, distressing present? No doubt that's what has brought many of Dr. Mary Helen Hensley's clients to… Continue reading A doctor who washes the windows of the soul

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My interview on The Past Lives Podcast

I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Simon Bown on The Past Lives Podcast, which explores all manner of topics related to evidence for life after death. Drawing on my new book, The Source and Significance of Coincidences, Simon and I discussed a wide range of fascinating phenomena that connect coincidences to… Continue reading My interview on The Past Lives Podcast

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Signs of Reincarnation

This weekend saw the release of Dr. James G. Matlock's new book Signs of Reincarnation, which will no doubt become the book of reference for those wanting a thorough, scholarly introduction to the current state of reincarnation research. Reincarnation research, you may ask? Yes, there is such a thing, and there has been for many… Continue reading Signs of Reincarnation

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Children Who Remember Communicating from the Afterlife

I've posted before about children who remember living in heaven before their births or who remember having lived previous lives on earth. Recently, I've found some pre-birth memory cases that are particularly relevant to the new book I'm writing on coincidences. These are cases in which children remember dying in a previous life and then… Continue reading Children Who Remember Communicating from the Afterlife