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My interview on The Mystical Underground

I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Trish and Rob MacGregor on their podcast The Mystical Underground. Trish and Rob are both prolific authors, writing both fiction and nonfiction on paranormal topics. It was a lot of fun discussing coincidences with two people who have so much experience on the subject! Here's… Continue reading My interview on The Mystical Underground

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Top 15 Paranormal Memoirs

What is it like to see ghosts on a regular basis? Or to grow up knowing things about the future that then come true? What's it like to try to live a normal life after having a near-death experience and coming back from the "Other Side"? Or to discover that you appear to be able… Continue reading Top 15 Paranormal Memoirs

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Greening the Paranormal

The latest issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration includes my review of Jack Hunter's recent book Greening the Paranormal, an anthology of essays about how the natural world and the "paranormal" world turn out to be one and the same. Packed with fascinating firsthand experiences as well as more scholarly reflections on the role… Continue reading Greening the Paranormal

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Phone calls from the Beyond?

The Journal of Scientific Exploration has just published my essay review of a recent book on a highly intriguing phenomenon: phone calls that seem to be coming from dead loved ones. This phenomenon--which might seem laughable at first--is surprisingly prevalent. And there's a lot more to it than you might expect. It's not just cases… Continue reading Phone calls from the Beyond?

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Coincidences that mislead? A new interview with Bernie Beitman

Yesterday, I did a second interview with Dr. Bernie Beitman of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia, on his web radio show "Connecting with Coincidence." Bernie and I love to get into the nuts and bolts of how coincidences work (you can find our previous interview here), and in this show,… Continue reading Coincidences that mislead? A new interview with Bernie Beitman

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Seeing the Same Word Over and Over?

Do certain words seem to follow you no matter where you look? Psychologist William Braud actually conducted experiments to figure out whether the word coincidences he was experiencing were actually due to more than chance or selective attention. I describe his method--and his results--in today's Psychology Today post.

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Can Dreams Predict Death?

All of us have heard about people dreaming that someone died, only to discover that that person did die recently, or soon afterward. Skeptics generally assume these dreams can be explained as coincidences, but a controlled study published by Dr. Andrew Paquette in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2015 suggests there's actually something to the… Continue reading Can Dreams Predict Death?

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Can an Organ Transplant Alter Your Identity?

In 1988, Claire Sylvia received the first heart-lung transplant performed in New England. In the days and weeks following her surgery, she realized that she had some strange new cravings. For one thing, she found herself “dying for a beer,” even though she’d never liked beer before. She also began to add green peppers to… Continue reading Can an Organ Transplant Alter Your Identity?