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Greening the Paranormal

The latest issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration includes my review of Jack Hunter's recent book Greening the Paranormal, an anthology of essays about how the natural world and the "paranormal" world turn out to be one and the same. Packed with fascinating firsthand experiences as well as more scholarly reflections on the role… Continue reading Greening the Paranormal

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Connected to the Land

I hope you will be moved as much as I was by this post from Canadian writer Donna Sinclair. It originally appeared on Wood Lake Publishing’s blog

Wood Lake Publishing's blog

Child sitting on rock Photo courtesy of Donna Sinclair

by Donna Sinclair

A long long time ago I was a mystic. I remember it well. I was about five years old. We lived on an island in Lake Temagami. My father had placed me in the bow of the rowboat, and I trailed my hand in the water and understood that the lake and the boat, my father and me and the sun’s warmth and the pines on the approaching shore were one.

This was not a very coherent thought. But it was laced with feeling so powerful that, decades later, its memory has returned like a hurricane.

In the intervening years I had lost that connection. It hurt too much to be one with a land that is in pain. I had flown over Labrador and seen the red scars where ore-hunters had bitten into the land. I had driven through endless suburbs…

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The Language of the Universe

"If a bird speaks to you, listen." Our cultural obsession with control, with intellect, with there being one right way to do things, has deafened us to many languages. The languages of the birds, for one. The languages of our bodies. Of the sky. Of rivers. Of plants. Of dreams. Of a baby's cries. We… Continue reading The Language of the Universe