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A Life in Mud

There are not many books I’ve read more than once. While my appetite for the written word is pretty much insatiable, I'm generally hungry for something new. Fortunately, this is not as much of a vice in reading as it would be in other spheres of life. But every now and then, a book comes along that inspires in me a… Continue reading A Life in Mud

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A Story for a Very Cold Day

It's 10°F this morning, and there's ice on the inside of the windows. First thing I did? Go out and check on the chickens. Who were out in their yard apparently as happy as ever. I took them a big pot of hot water since their regular water dispenser was frozen solid. And I threw them… Continue reading A Story for a Very Cold Day

Book Reviews, Homesteading

The New Domesticity

I began Emily Matchar's Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity with excitement. Matchar's book, released in May 2013, reports on the "generation of smart, highly educated young people [who] are spending their time knitting, canning jam, baking cupcakes, gardening, and more (and blogging about it, of course)." As the jacket copy says, "Some are… Continue reading The New Domesticity