Difficult feelings

I was wrestling with some difficult feelings yesterday--the kind that good, spiritual people aren't supposed to have. You know what I'm talking about? In this day and age, we're all supposed to be enlightened and know that our circumstances aren't responsible for how we feel--we are. And yet...that's not how life is all the time.... Continue Reading →


Letting Go

This month Helen Hunt is guest editor over at Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka?  She's chosen the theme "Letting Go," which also happens to be the subject of her new film Ride. My contribution is called "Letting Go of Success," and you can read it here!

Scandalously Happy

I am scandalously happy. The sun is setting in a pink sky, the May breeze is turning slightly cool, and I'm sitting on my front steps gazing at the abandoned field just beyond my front lawn and reveling in this surprising truth that unveiled itself moments ago. Why 'scandalously', you ask? Well, because it's kind of a scandal to be happy in... Continue Reading →

A Story for a Very Cold Day

It's 10°F this morning, and there's ice on the inside of the windows. First thing I did? Go out and check on the chickens. Who were out in their yard apparently as happy as ever. I took them a big pot of hot water since their regular water dispenser was frozen solid. And I threw them... Continue Reading →

Washing Dishes

Some days in my life are so full it feels like I'll never get everything done if I don't use every spare second. If the cornbread muffins are going to take 12 minutes to cook, that's 12 minutes I can spend grading papers. And if one of those papers is taking a long time to... Continue Reading →

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