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Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists

Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists is the title of a new book being released this weekend, and I have to say, it does an admirable job of arguing its thesis! Written by Jens Amberts, who trained in philosophy at Link√∂ping University in Sweden, it takes four well-established and uncontroversial premises about near-death experiences and argues… Continue reading Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists

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The Reluctant Psychic

When I posted my 15 favorite paranormal memoirs a few months ago, I left out one very important book: Suzan Saxman's The Reluctant Psychic. I originally borrowed this memoir from the library several years ago, which is why I didn't have a copy on my shelves to jog my memory. But I've now rectified the… Continue reading The Reluctant Psychic

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Top 15 Paranormal Memoirs

What is it like to see ghosts on a regular basis? Or to grow up knowing things about the future that then come true? What's it like to try to live a normal life after having a near-death experience and coming back from the "Other Side"? Or to discover that you appear to be able… Continue reading Top 15 Paranormal Memoirs

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Greening the Paranormal

The latest issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration includes my review of Jack Hunter's recent book Greening the Paranormal, an anthology of essays about how the natural world and the "paranormal" world turn out to be one and the same. Packed with fascinating firsthand experiences as well as more scholarly reflections on the role… Continue reading Greening the Paranormal

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A Review to Celebrate the One-Month Anniversary of The Supreme Victory of the Heart

A few days ago, a reader emailed me to let me know that she'd posted a review of my new memoir The Supreme Victory of the Heart on Amazon. I've been lucky enough to have gotten several enthusiastic reviews of this book, but this latest one--by a woman named Kellie Heath--really bowled me over. Not… Continue reading A Review to Celebrate the One-Month Anniversary of The Supreme Victory of the Heart

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Publication day! My memoir on love, loss, and synchronicity is out.

I've written a lot about coincidence and synchronicity in the past couple of years--from my "Coincidence or psi?" article in the Journal of Scientific Exploration to my 618-page book The Source and Significance of Coincidences to my Psychology Today blog Mysteries of Consciousness. And while, in each of those places, I've briefly described some of… Continue reading Publication day! My memoir on love, loss, and synchronicity is out.

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Phone calls from the Beyond?

The Journal of Scientific Exploration has just published my essay review of a recent book on a highly intriguing phenomenon: phone calls that seem to be coming from dead loved ones. This phenomenon--which might seem laughable at first--is surprisingly prevalent. And there's a lot more to it than you might expect. It's not just cases… Continue reading Phone calls from the Beyond?

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Living in Flow: A Quantum Physicist’s Take on Synchronicity

I've recently started writing book reviews for the Journal of Scientific Exploration, and the first of them recently became available online. It's a review of Sky Nelson-Isaacs' 2019 book Living in Flow: The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World. Nelson-Isaacs, who has a Master's degree in physics, brings together concepts from… Continue reading Living in Flow: A Quantum Physicist’s Take on Synchronicity

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The Couple Who Met in a Near-Death Experience

I recently had the great pleasure of discovering Dr. Scarlett Heinbuch's new book Waking Up to Love, about the way she met her husband during a shared near-death experience. You may have never heard about shared death or near-death experiences, as they are not nearly as well known as near-death experiences (NDEs) as a whole.… Continue reading The Couple Who Met in a Near-Death Experience

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A doctor who washes the windows of the soul

Have you ever wished your doctor or therapist could just read your mind? So you wouldn't have to go to all the trouble of trying to explain your symptoms, your medical history, your emotionally traumatic past, or your uncomfortable, distressing present? No doubt that's what has brought many of Dr. Mary Helen Hensley's clients to… Continue reading A doctor who washes the windows of the soul