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A wealth of after-death research on Thanatos TV

I was recently interviewed by Thanatos TV, a YouTube channel that specializes in documentaries and interviews on near-death experiences (NDEs) as well as more general research into consciousness and death. I not only wanted to share with you a link to my own interview on Thanatos but also let you know about some of the… Continue reading A wealth of after-death research on Thanatos TV

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The Reluctant Psychic

When I posted my 15 favorite paranormal memoirs a few months ago, I left out one very important book: Suzan Saxman's The Reluctant Psychic. I originally borrowed this memoir from the library several years ago, which is why I didn't have a copy on my shelves to jog my memory. But I've now rectified the… Continue reading The Reluctant Psychic

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Phone calls from the Beyond?

The Journal of Scientific Exploration has just published my essay review of a recent book on a highly intriguing phenomenon: phone calls that seem to be coming from dead loved ones. This phenomenon--which might seem laughable at first--is surprisingly prevalent. And there's a lot more to it than you might expect. It's not just cases… Continue reading Phone calls from the Beyond?

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Can Dreams Predict Death?

All of us have heard about people dreaming that someone died, only to discover that that person did die recently, or soon afterward. Skeptics generally assume these dreams can be explained as coincidences, but a controlled study published by Dr. Andrew Paquette¬†in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2015 suggests there's actually something to the… Continue reading Can Dreams Predict Death?

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My interview on The Past Lives Podcast

I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Simon Bown on The Past Lives Podcast, which explores all manner of topics related to evidence for life after death. Drawing on my new book, The Source and Significance of Coincidences, Simon and I discussed a wide range of fascinating phenomena that connect coincidences to… Continue reading My interview on The Past Lives Podcast

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Children Who Remember Communicating from the Afterlife

I've posted before about children who remember living in heaven before their births or who remember having lived previous lives on earth. Recently, I've found some pre-birth memory cases that are particularly relevant to the new book I'm writing on coincidences. These are cases in which children remember dying in a previous life and then… Continue reading Children Who Remember Communicating from the Afterlife