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Seeing the Same Word Over and Over?

Do certain words seem to follow you no matter where you look? Psychologist William Braud actually conducted experiments to figure out whether the word coincidences he was experiencing were actually due to more than chance or selective attention. I describe his method--and his results--in today's Psychology Today post.

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Synchronicity and Personal Transformation: My Interview with Mike Clelland

My interview with Mike Clelland on his podcast The Unknown is now available. Mike is himself the author of books about coincidence and synchronicity, especially as this phenomenon relates to owls and UFOs, and this makes for a deep, engrossing conversation. While I'm coming at things from quite a different starting point, what's amazing is how… Continue reading Synchronicity and Personal Transformation: My Interview with Mike Clelland

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Can Dreams Predict Death?

All of us have heard about people dreaming that someone died, only to discover that that person did die recently, or soon afterward. Skeptics generally assume these dreams can be explained as coincidences, but a controlled study published by Dr. Andrew Paquette¬†in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2015 suggests there's actually something to the… Continue reading Can Dreams Predict Death?