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Are Your Number Coincidences Significant?

Do you feel like you keep seeing the same number over and over in lots of different contexts? Do you wonder whether it's really showing up more often than it used to, or whether maybe you're just paying more attention to it? In today's Psychology Today post, I describe a simple experiment you can do… Continue reading Are Your Number Coincidences Significant?

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Mind Over Matter

Today on¬†, I discuss strange coincidences where the world seems to respond uncannily to our thoughts and emotions. The most dramatic thought-mirroring synchronicity I describe is one from my own life: the smartphone GPS incident that was the tipping point in my interest in this subject. Along with a couple of other anecdotal examples, I… Continue reading Mind Over Matter

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Are Near-Death Experiences Just Comforting Illusions?

My most recent post over at Psychology Today¬†focuses on the aspects of near-death experiences that can be verified to accurately reflect reality: specifically, verified perceptions of events at a distance and verified perceptions of events that occurred during the period when the NDEr's body was in cardiac arrest and had minimal to no brain function.… Continue reading Are Near-Death Experiences Just Comforting Illusions?