Autism and Psychic Gifts

One of the points I make in my forthcoming book, The Source and Significance of Coincidences, is that coincidences can sometimes serve as a means of communication between people when other channels have been blocked. For instance, I include the stories of several people who were far away from their loved ones and unable to connect with them by normal means but through some mysterious process were able to send them an important message by way of a broken necklace, a tap from a butterfly, a fallen bottle of perfume, or a map on the screen of a smartphone.

This use of coincidences when other channels of communication are cut off mirrors a larger pattern within the world of psychic phenomena. I describe in The Source and Significance how some of the most psychically gifted individuals are those who have trouble communicating in any other way, and autistics individuals are an excellent example of this.

William Stillman, a psychic medium who also has Asperger’s syndrome, has written extensively about the psychic gifts of autistic people,[1] gifts that can sometimes be unsettling to others. For instance, a mother named Theresa told Stillman about how her 10-year-old autistic son Andrew could hear her internal monologues and in many cases act out the fears she was mentally expressing. “I would be at someone’s home,” she says, “and think in my mind, ‘I hope he doesn’t pull down the drapes.’ No sooner could I finish my thought, and he would walk over to the drapes and begin to swing on them like Tarzan. I was infuriated because I knew he could somehow hear my fear.” Theresa also explains how Andrew’s ability to hear what others are thinking causes him to be overwhelmed in crowds, and she has had to help him learn how to regulate the flow of this information.[2]

Autistic adult Devlyn Lighthawk downplays the specialness of her telepathic abilities, noting that “telepathy is just us talking, beyond words, you know,”[3] but the accuracy of the telepathic abilities of autistic people can sometimes be positively uncanny. The grandfather of an autistic child named Noah relates what happened when the inclusion specialist at Noah’s school was giving him a series of tests. According to the grandfather,

…when she completed the testing for the math skills and savant syndrome, she asked him, “Who is my sister-in-law?” and he wrote her name on his device. Then she asked, “When did she get married?” and he wrote the date on his device. Next she asked “Whose birthday is today?” and he wrote the name. Then she asked, “How do you know?” and he wrote, “God tells me.” She asked him next, “Does He tell you everything?” and Noah wrote, “Yes.”[4]

As Noah’s response might suggest, autistic telepathy is not limited to telepathic connections with those in the same room. Autistic author Donna Williams relates some of her childhood telepathic experiences in her autobiography Nobody Nowhere, writing,

At school strange things were happening. I would have daydreams in which I was watching children I knew. I would see them doing the trivialist of things: peeling potatoes over the sink, getting themselves a peanut butter sandwich before going to bed. Such daydreams were like films in which I’d see a sequence of everyday events which really didn’t relate in any way to myself. I began to test the truth of these daydreams; approaching the friends I’d seen in them and asking them to give a step-by-step detailed picture of what they were doing at the time I had the daydream.

Amazingly, to the finest detail, I would find I had been right. This was nothing I had controlled, it simply came into my head, but it frightened me.[5]

In fact, Williams may have been receiving this information through clairvoyance rather than telepathy. Telepathic ability in autistic people, as with others, seems to be only one aspect of their psychic gifts, which may include sensitivity to the spirits of the deceased[6] as well as precognition. Stillman reports multiple instances in which autistic children were able to foresee specific future events: for instance, a fireworks accident and the 2000 Concorde crash.[7] One high-functioning and verbal autistic boy told his mother out of the blue that her mother was going to die in 88 days. He turned out to be wrong. She died only 85 days later.[8]

If you are intrigued by these stories, you’ll definitely also want to check out the scientific research that psychiatrist Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell is currently conducting on the telepathic abilities of autistic savants. I’ve written about her research in a previous post, which you can find here.

And, as always, if you or someone you know have had any personal experiences along these lines, please drop me a note in the Comments section below. I would love to hear from you!

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9 thoughts on “Autism and Psychic Gifts”

  1. I have Aspergers, and I have been a sensitive since I can remember. Now, however, if I concentrate on people, I can see personal details about their life. Not the future in any way though. I have done 8 energy readings in a row, and I was able to see entities that only the other psychics knew where there. I’ve also heard spirits answer questions now and then when I have no way of knowing the answer.

  2. Me as well I have aspergers Syndrome and I have had a long history of precognitions . Meditation made them alot stronger.

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