The Importance of Readers

There's a phase of the writing process to which I'm particularly resistant. It's not the dreaming phase, where even the worst ideas look golden. It's not the sitting-down-to-a-blank-page phase, where I hesitate to ruin those golden ideas by turning them into words. It's not even the arduous process of writing an entire first draft, then a second, then a third. When things look like crap, with no trace of inspiration anywhere, I… Continue reading The Importance of Readers

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Are We Attracted to the Things We Fear?

Conventional psychological wisdom says that we avoid the things we fear. That avoidance is, in fact, one of the primary indications that fear is present. But what about those cases in which our fears actually push us into the arms of their objects? What about the boyfriend who is so afraid his girlfriend will leave… Continue reading Are We Attracted to the Things We Fear?

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A Story for a Very Cold Day

It's 10°F this morning, and there's ice on the inside of the windows. First thing I did? Go out and check on the chickens. Who were out in their yard apparently as happy as ever. I took them a big pot of hot water since their regular water dispenser was frozen solid. And I threw them… Continue reading A Story for a Very Cold Day