God In Us

Two thousand years ago, a baby was born who grew up to claim he was God. All the church people--the Sunday School teachers, the pastors, the Awana leaders, the evangelists and theologians of ancient Israel--they threw a fit. After all, how much more blatantly heretical could you get? According to Hebrew Scripture, you couldn't even... Continue Reading →


Do Negative Emotions Sharpen Perception?

Lots of people carry in their heads the image of the tortured artist: the writer/painter/musician whose brilliant artistic achievements spring from a soil rich with personal failures, miseries, addictions, and/or mental illnesses. Writing guru Julia Cameron persuasively argues that creativity does not require depression. Or agony. That well-adjusted artists are, actually, quite successful and productive--maybe even more so than the... Continue Reading →


Is it just me, or do most off days seem to be Mondays? It's strange, because my Sundays seem so inspirational. I spend time with my family and read for pleasure. Usually that reading leads to one or two "aha!" moments, in which I jot down the solution to a problem that's been plaguing me for the past... Continue Reading →

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