The Reason for the Writer’s Terror

Everyone who is a writer or knows a writer is aware of how terrifying it can be to sit down in front of a blank page. Why? A carpenter doesn't look at a bare cinderblock foundation, drop his tool belt, and run away screaming. A chef doesn't look at an empty frying pan and despair. Why does the… Continue reading The Reason for the Writer’s Terror

Book Reviews

Frying Eyeballs

My eyes hurt. They literally freakin' ache. Not because I've been a diligent, nose-to-the-grindstone sort of adult, slaving over some survival-related task that must be finished tonight whether my vision fails or not. No, I've been doing this to myself for pleasure. Because I have been enjoying a book so much that I can't put it down even when… Continue reading Frying Eyeballs

Language, Nature, Philosophy

The Language of the Universe

"If a bird speaks to you, listen." Our cultural obsession with control, with intellect, with there being one right way to do things, has deafened us to many languages. The languages of the birds, for one. The languages of our bodies. Of the sky. Of rivers. Of plants. Of dreams. Of a baby's cries. We… Continue reading The Language of the Universe