“Courageous, captivating, and unflinchingly honest”

Larry Dossey, MD, NYT bestselling author of Healing Words and One Mind

A candid and heartfelt memoir of the months after Sharon’s French fiancĂ© told her an old flame was back in his life, when synchronicities guided her to a deeper understanding of love and her place in the universe


“Elegantly written, thorough, sophisticated, and nuanced”

Stephen E. Braude, PhD, author of Crimes of Reason and The Gold Leaf Lady

A collection of mind-bending evidence clearly pointing to a meaningful reality beyond the bounds of current science


“[E]xceptionally bold and philosophically absorbing”

– from the foreword by Thomas Nagel, PhD, author of Mind & Cosmos

A scholarly treatise arguing for a version of moral realism grounded in the qualia of phenomenal consciousness