Mountain Landscape

On choosing happiness

Choosing happiness and choosing circumstances of ease and comfort are two very different things. Challenge is essential to human happiness. It is, in large part, why we chose this life to begin with. Photo by Jörg Peter

Memories of Heaven

Children Who Remember Heaven

A few years ago, philosopher Stephen E. Braude wrote an excellent book analyzing the evidence for life after death. His book, Immortal Remains, stands out from most other works in this field by virtue of its rigorous attention to detail and its careful consideration of alternative hypotheses for the evidence: notably, the super-psi hypothesis, which attributes apparent contact with the deceased…

Chasing Your Dream

Chasing Your Dream

My last post talked about longings that we can’t quite explain and thus often disregard as irrational and unimportant. This post is about an excellent tool to help us recover those crucial, disregarded desires: a 30-day guided journal called Chasing Your Dream. It so happens that one of the dreams that runs in my family is the dream…

Promised by Heaven

Promised by Heaven

At 21, Mary Helen Hensley had a near-death experience in which she not only saw a play-by-play review of her current life, but she suddenly remembered all the lives she’d lived before. As the daughter of a Baptist minister, she didn’t even have reincarnation on her radar. But there it was, portrayed in heaven as a reality. There are…

What The Flicka

Letting Go

This month Helen Hunt is guest editor over at Felicity Huffman’s What The Flicka?  She’s chosen the theme “Letting Go,” which also happens to be the subject of her new film Ride. My contribution is called “Letting Go of Success,” and you can read it here!

Angel in My Pocket

The Angel in My Pocket

When I picked up Sukey Forbes’ new memoir, The Angel in My Pocket, my first thought was, “Oh, another memoir about grief.” It’s not that I don’t appreciate grief-focused memoirs. In fact, they’ve been a lifeline for me in the four years since losing my ex-fiancé. Even though my own loss was due to separation, not death, I’ve found comfort and…

Diane Powell

Evidence for Telepathy in an Autistic Savant

We’ve all had one or two of those dreams that turn out to be eerily similar to an event we later experience. Or those times when we start thinking about someone right before they call. Some of these episodes are easy to dismiss as coincidences, but other times the correlation is so striking that it…

The Dirty Life

A Life in Mud

There are not many books I’ve read more than once. While my appetite for the written word is pretty much insatiable, I’m generally hungry for something new. Fortunately, this is not as much of a vice in reading as it would be in other spheres of life. But every now and then, a book comes along that inspires in me a…